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Solid techniques will carry any stereographer to a very high level of skill. This is a “must have” for every serious student of digital stereo photography. You will quickly learn to make every stereo image a successful and high impact image . . . no more failed or un-viewable stereos. Special introductory chapters, including the popular “Beginner’s Guide to 3D Stereo” will bring the completely new novice from zero knowledge to completely competent immediately.

Available as a printed book or a PDF ebook which works GREAT in both Kindle and NOOK ebook readers, as well as in your tablet or computer. Read about it HERE).


Whether you are advanced in the art or just starting out, this virtual encyclopedia of “How To” information is a “must have” for every serious student of digital stereo photography. You will quickly learn to make every stereo image a successful and high impact image . . . no more failed or un-viewable stereos

Are you a 3D enthusiast who wants to perfect their craft?

Perhaps you are a film-based stereographer who wants to move into the endless opportunities provided by digital imaging. Maybe you have recently discovered or rekindled an interest in 3D and wish to rapidly gain skills with solid understanding. Or, do you just want to reduce some frustration you are having while aligning troublesome stereos?

If so, this book was written for You

  • Includes the StereoPhoto Maker (SPM) Alignment Tutorial (see Chapters 2 & 3)

If you want to achieve perfect stereo alignment every time without fail, then the sections on how to align images in SPM (StereoPhoto Maker) will give you a solid foundation in stereo photo alignment. This guide will get you up and running in no time.

  • Includes the Adobe Photoshop Stereo Alignment Tutorial (see Chapter 7)

You will learn great techniques to achieve perfect alignment using Photoshop, including all underlying principles is explored in detail. Action files are explained and developed for automation of the stereogram creation sequence. The creation of anaglyphs in Photoshop is covered in step-by-step detail, including a Photoshop action to make them automatically.

  • Includes the Basics of Digital 3D Stereo Guide (see Chapter 1)

This popular tutorial is included to provide a solid foundation for you if you are just starting in 3D and will get you up to speed in no time.

  • Stereo Alignment Will Become a Breeze (see Chapter 13)

Ready-to-use actions files are provided. You will have access to online supplements, including 11 Ready-to-use Photoshop action files,which you can use to quickly assemble anaglyph, parallel, mirror, or cross-view stereograms.

  • Distortion Problems Defeated

The causes of misalignment and distortion problems are thoroughly explained. The proper procedures to correct distortions using SPM and Photoshop are covered for every type of misalignment problem.

  • No More Flat Images or Hard to Fuse Images.

An easy to use stereo base calculation technique is explained, from the most basic calculation to more comprehensive and all encompassing formulae. Then, the KISS (keep-it-simple) rule is invoked, and handy rules-of-thumb are provided and explained.

  • Easy to Read

The entire book is written in plain, easy to understand terms . . . no techno-speak found here. There are no complex equations or diagrams. By the time you complete this easy to read tutorial, you will have gained and intuitive understanding of every aspect of creating digital 3D stereograms and how to apply that knowledge to your own stereos.

  • Cha-cha, Single Camera Stereos (see Chapter 8)

Cha-cha, or single camera stereo, is a wonderful way to take stereos. But it has many limiting factors. Unless you clearly understand those limits and have solid procedures to avoid the mistakes, many of your stereos will be hard or impossible to align for easy viewing.

Starting with proper procedures for taking stereo pairs, cha-cha techniques are explained, including all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Wind problems, cloud problems, monocular aberrations, shift-line tilt (vertical parallax) – and things you may never have heard or thought of – you name it, it’s covered. This comprehensive section will eliminate all those mysteriously failed cha-cha stereos. Every aspect of Auto cha-cha (drive-by-shooting) is discussed in detail.

  • Most Image Editors Will Work

Any reasonably full featured image editing software, such as Photoshop (from Elements to the most recent CS and CC revisions), Corel’s Paint Shop programs, Gimp (a freeware), and others can be used to create the effects described in this manual.

Available as either a printed book or a downloadable e-book in PDF format, which works GREAT in both Kindle and Nook ebook readers, as well as in your computer. Read about it HERE.
Printed Book:
  • ISBN – 978-0-9817741-3-8
  • Spiral bound, color cover, 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • 144 pages in black & white
  • Supplementary online files include all images in color in 3 formats (parallel, cross-view and anaglyph)
  • Online files include 11 Photoshop action files to speed stereo assembly
  • Online updates
  • Online downloadable index
Downloadable PDF E-book:
  • 144 pages
  • Color
  • Online supplements (same as printed version)

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