3D Stereo Photography

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Sancho is Upper

  >> In this blog I will present some 3D stereo photography ideas and tips that I think could useclarification.

At the right I've posted a parallel format stereo pair of a Sancho Panza carving. In this pair, Sancho is "upper" in the right image. Upper simply means he is located higher within the right frame than he is in the left frame. A red line has been drawn under his nose in the left image, extending across the right image to illustrate the difference. The consequence of this condition is that the 3D is less pleasant to view than it would be if the placement were correct. The cure for this problem is to cut enough off of the bottom of the right image to make Sancho's nose an equal distance above the bottom frame of each frame. Further, since both pictures should be the same height, an equal amount must be removed from the top of the left image. Once the trimmed images are lined up again with their bottoms on the same horizontal line, the 3D image will be much more satisfying to view.